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BrandSafway’s products and services portfolio is the broadest in the industry — allowing us to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

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  • High-strength steel tubing offers maximum load capacities.
  • Designed for the most demanding trades and applications
  • Provides heavy-duty work platforms
  • Variety of bay lengths, from 1’-10” to 10’-0”
  • Additional components available

Systems™ Scaffold

  • Unique ring set design accepts up to eight horizontal members
  • 360-degree ring sets spaced 21” apart fit any shape
  • Knee-out brackets allow assembly to increase or decrease as needed
  • Adaptable to almost any structure
SafLock System Scaffold

SafLock System Scaffold®

  • Fast and easy to assemble
  • Quality-engineered components lock securely into rosettes
  • Each rosette holds up to eight connections
  • No loose fittings (nuts, bolts or clamps)
  • Erect a rigid platform virtually anywhere
SafLock System Scaffold
Sectional Scaffoding


  • High-strength 0.095-inch steel tubing
  • Tubing diameter on all legs 1.69”
  • Specially engineered coupling pins ease the assembly process
  • Full range of components available, including side brackets, guardrails, stairways, ladders, sidewalk canopy frames and more
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SafMax Frame System

SafMax® Frame System

  • No inside cross-braces
  • Full access to work surfaces
  • Increased headroom
  • Internal ladder and hatch design
  • Fully planked, flush decking
  • Wider deck and ladder width
  • Mobile work environment
Tube & Clamp Scaffolding

Tube & Clamp

  • Clamps compatible with BrandSafway standard scaffold frames
  • Only four basic parts needed for assembly
  • Clamps fasten to both 1.9” outer diameter (OD) and 1.69” OD tubing
  • Durable and lightweight yet high-strength steel tubing

QuikDeck® Suspended Access System

  • Components can be easily handled by one person
  • Requires no special tools or skills to assemble
  • Load capacities range from 25 psf to more than 75 psf
  • Can be built in the air or on the ground and then hoisted into position
HAKI mobile/stationery platforms

HAKI® mobile/stationery platforms

  • Span large areas
  • Efficient and reliable
  • Modular components
  • Lightweight aluminum trusses provide great strength in relation to weight
Rope Access Solutions

Rope access

  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Repair
  • Insulation application
  • Coatings and painting application
  • Fireproofing application
  • Leak detection and repair (LDAR) services
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